pexels rodnae productions 7915293Slot games are one of the most popular casino games there is. Slots are famous for their variety of themes, thrilling features and wide availability. Slots machines have been around for decades, firstly in land-based casinos and public houses and later also online.

In recent years, technology has transformed the online slots industry and improved the experiences of players having playing slots. Playing slot games on mobile is now a very popular choice for casino gamers.

Why Play Slots On Mobile?

Gaming on the go can now be done with ease. Smartphone penetration rates have increased rapidly around the world in recent years and now nearly everyone has access to a phone with the facilities to play online games. In fact, it is estimated that around 79 percent of the population now enjoy playing games on iPhones or Android smartphone devices.

Furthermore, over a decade ago when the smartphone market began to grow the technology was still in its earlier stage of development and the infrastructure to support internet connectivity was still being rolled out. Most recently the roll out of 5G internet has enabled more people than ever fast, reliable connections that prevent games being disrupted by long load times and loss of service.

Now, it is estimated that the average person spends around 40 hours on their smartphone. This includes all types of activities from chatting with friends and family, shopping, social media and of course gaming. Gaming apps are some of the most downloaded apps from Apple and Android app stores.

This makes playing slots on mobile widely accessible and often more convenient than visiting slot machines at a land-based venue. Land based venues generally have higher operating costs and more overheads than their online counterparts, meaning they are less likely to provide competitive bonuses and free spins.

Mobile Slots Slots Have A Huge Range Of Games

Casinos are also limited by physical space which puts a limit on the number of slot games they can fit inside the venue. However, online slots sites like Monopoly slots have hundreds of different games, each with different themes and features and number of paylines.

You can choose from traditional classic five-reel slots, progressive slots, double jackpot slots and even hybrid games like slingo. Slingo is a slot machine combined with traditional 75 ball bingo.

The player begins with a typical 5 × 5 grid with numbers corresponding to those that appear on the slot reels. The reels also display different symbols that link to a variety of bonus features and cash prizes.

Innovative hybrid games such as sling open up the slot market to a much wider target audience. People that enjoy traditional bingo or those that are curious to try new casino games will try their hand are more likely to try their hand at slots for the first time.

Picture198798Mobile Slots Are Less Intimidating To New Players

There are some casino games such as poker or baccarat that require the player to have a certain level of skill and an understanding of fairly complex rules. Learning to play these games can take time and patience.

While slots are comparatively much simpler in terms of gameplay and rules, playing any new game for the first time can be a little nerve wracking or intimidating. When visiting a land-based venue to play slots for the first time, a player can feel overwhelmed and even a bit embarrassed as they are unsure where to begin.

However, playing online on a mobile slot website or app can remove some of these feelings. New players feel more relaxed knowing that they can play at their own pace and even try out demo modes of the game before using their own cash.

Online mobile slots also come with descriptions and step-by-step in game tutorials to walk new players through the process.

Mobile slots sites and apps also often have community features such as chat rooms and forums, enabling players to communicate with one another. This adds a social element to the game and gives players the chance to discuss their favourite games and provide tips to improve their experience.

Technology Has Changed Our Daily Lives And The Slot Market Has Had To Adapt

With fast, powerful technology now at our fingertips, people have an increased sense of urgency and expect the things they want or need to be quickly available to them. For example, ordering takeaways, groceries or car rides through Uber or teleconferencing with colleagues from far away locations.

This also applies to gaming, with gamers having the expectation that they can play the games they enjoy 24 / 7 in a location that is convenient to them. Had slots developers not begun to move their business online, these games would have become less appealing and likely forgotten in favour of games that had been adapted for mobile.

As mobile slots continue to improve with new technological innovations and the variety of games increases, we can expect the slot market to continue to thrive.




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