IN and HypeLife Brands have announced a formal partnership to help bridge the gap between esports and brands seeking to connect with a rapidly growing audience in the gaming and
esports world. 

The pairing is a result of WIN’s deep commitment to esports and HypeLife Brands’ dedication to helping B2C and D2C brands engage the Millennial generation across any and all new frontiers.

“After a lot of mutual discussion and exploration of all the possibilities, the partnership just made the most sense to us,” said Curt Cuscino, Founder & CEO of HypeLife Brands. “Both WIN and HypeLife Brands’ end goal is to find ways to help each other expand our prospective target markets for our clients large and small who are looking for guidance in the extremely unique, insanely fast-moving esports space.

“At WIN, we’re always looking to work with the best partners in each industry. HypeLife Brands fits that billing, and we’re very excited about the future of this partnership together,” said Serge Vardanyan, CEO of WIN, about the alliance.

“This collaboration paves the way for other lifestyle and esports companies looking to expand their markets and esports marketing efforts,” Curt added. WIN and HypeLife Brands plan to help esports brands and teams collaborate to help all parties flourish together.

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