Big day for Vietnamese player Tu Phuong Nguyen aka Phuong Xu who came out victorious at the WPT Opener. Phuong entered Day 2 as one of the race leaders, was the first to stack a million in chips, lucked out on a cooler at the final table, then out-flipped fellow countryman Nam Le for the trophy. Phuong pocketed a career-high VN₫ 745,000,000 (~US$ 32,154) on an even chop heads up deal.

ENZ 7015
Phuong Xu

On May 19, the World Poker Tour launched its brand new series WPT Prime at the Crown Poker Club in Hanoi, Vietnam with the first four days highlighting the WPT Opener. Three starting days were offered with each succeeding day seeing a significant rise in turnout. Day 1A set the pace at 123, Day 1B climbed to 185, and Day 1C crushed them both with a massive 288 entries. Added together, 596 entered for a guarantee crushing prize pool of VN₫ 4,624,960,000 (~US$ 199,610). Day 2 kicked off with all 74  qualifiers assured a piece of the pot.

Buy in: VN₫ 8,800,000 (~US$ 380)
Guarantee: VN₫ 2,500,000,000 (~US$ 107,933)
Entries: 596 (386 unique, 210 re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 4,624,960,000 (~US$ 199,610)
ITM: 74 players

Final table payouts in Vietnamese Dong

1st Tu Phuong Nguyen Vietnam 745,000,000*
2nd Nam Le Vietnam 745,000,000*
3rd Philip Nguyen Australia 395,000,000
4th Van Hoang Nguyen Vietnam 282,000,000
5th Terry Nguyen Vietnam 217,000,000
6th Quang Ming Nguyen Vietnam 178,000,000
7th Bui Duc Thien Vietnam 147,000,000
8th Khac Thai Nguyen Vietnam 117,000,000
9th Duy Ho USA 87,760,000

*Heads up even chop; rest of the payouts can be found below

Day 2 event recap and winner’s story

Eventual champion Phuong Xu carried in a huge 79 BB stack, just 1K behind Day 1C chip leader Mr Muoi. After two hours of action, Phuong jumped well ahead of the pack, becoming the first player to stack a million in chips. By the next break, new faces were at the helm, Bui Duc Thien and Nam Le with over 2M each. Impressively, all of the starting day chip leaders were still in the field until two of them banged heads leading to the end of Mr Muoi in 12th place. During the hand, Muoi’s 8c8h was unable to improve against Day 1B captain Terry Nguyen JcJd

Quang Ming Nguyen aka Mr Ngo

Emotions began to rise as players closed in on the final table. Australia’s Phillip Nguyen was happy to ladder up his short stack. After several uncalled shoves, he survived a coin flip to claim all of Hong Phuc Pham’s chips then followed it up with a double up through USA’s Duy Ho who bullied on the small blind only to run into big blind Phillip’s pocket Queens. The final table was formed at the fall of Trung Hieu Phan to the fiery Quang Ming Nguyen aka Mr Ngo.

ENZ 6933 1
WPT Opener – Final Table

Early fireworks at the table with Thien holding a couple of pocket Aces that went to a showdown. On the first clash, Duy’s was sent packing in 9th place with a busted Ace-King, however against Phoung, the rockets were cracked by pocket Kings that spiked a lucky two-outer. After the fall of Khac Thai Nguyen (7th), Phuong’s good fortune continued, finishing off Thien in 8th place with 6h6s beating Ace-King. Opposite result however for Mr Ngo whose As9h was outdrawn by Phillip’s Ad8c eight in the window. For Terry, his final stand happened on a blinds versus blinds situation. Facing a board Kd7dJh6s all his chips were in the middle with Kc5c top pair that failed to improve on the river 8h against Nam ‘s AcAd

From here, busts were quick. Nam stopped Day 1A chip leader Hoang Nevar in 4th place with Qh2h both hitting the flop over Qc10d top pair and Phuong emptied out Phillip to reach heads up against Nam,  both players even in chips. A deal was immediately struck to split the remaining cash down the middle then discussed who would claim the coveted trophy. In the end, they settled for a one hand flip.

Payouts 10th to 74th in Vietnamese Dong

10th Trung Hieu Phan Vietnam 72,500,000
11th Hong Phuc Pham Vietnam 72,500,000
12th Huu Son Pham Vietnam 72,500,000
13th Van Hien Dang Vietnam 58,000,000
14th Anh Tuan Tran Vietnam 58,000,000
15th Minh Tuan Doan Vietnam 58,000,000
16th Pham The Quan Nguyen Vietnam 48,500,000
17th Le Ngoc Khang Vietnam 48,500,000
18th Tuan Hung Nguyen Vietnam 48,500,000
19th Viet Khanh Nguyen Vietnam 41,000,000
20th Van Sang Nguyen Vietnam 41,000,000
21st Krishna Wadeesirisak Thailand 41,000,000
22nd Thanh Trung Nguyen Vietnam 34,000,000
23rd Duc Nhai Nguyen Vietnam 34,000,000
24th Vishal Bajaj India 34,000,000
25th Hoai Lam Vu Vietnam 29,000,000
26th Cong Huay Tran Vietnam 29,000,000
27th Gaurav Sood India 29,000,000
28th Van Tien Dinh Vietnam 24,000,000
29th An Khang Tran Vietnam 24,000,000
30th Duy Vu Nguyen Vietnam 24,000,000
31st Hai Le Vietnam 24,000,000
32nd Duc Kien Tran Vietnam 24,000,000
33rd Tien Trung Tran Vietnam 24,000,000
34th Tan Le Vietnam 24,000,000
35th Duc Thinh Nguyen Vietnam 24,000,000
36th Duy Tien Pham Vietnam 24,000,000
37th Ngoc Tu Pham Vietnam 21,000,000
38th Quyet Tien Pham Vietnam 21,000,000
39th Ha Tung Nguyen Vietnam 21,000,000
40th Dang Lam Hong Nguyen Vietnam 21,000,000
41st Quang Thang Do Vietnam 21,000,000
42nd Tri Minh Mai Vietnam 21,000,000
43rd Duc Tu Bui Vietnam 21,000,000
44th Trung Nghia Nguyen Vietnam 21,000,000
45th Kartik Ved India 21,000,000
46th Paul John Elliott Australia 18,400,000
47th Viet Nghia Vo Vietnam 18,400,000
48th Tien Thanh Nguyen Vietnam 18,400,000
49th Trung Ha Nguyen Vietnam 18,400,000
50th Dinh Trong Hoang Vietnam 18,400,000
51st Lasse Lien Malta 18,400,000
52nd Dinh Hai Le Vietnam 18,400,000
53rd Quang Tuyen Le Vietnam 18,400,000
54th Chi Chung Ho Hong Kong 18,400,000
55th Runch Pornraksamanee Thailand 15,900,000
56th Tuan Anh Nguyen Vietnam 15,900,000
57th Prommin Talordpong Thailand 15,900,000
58th Li Lok Ching Australia 15,900,000
59th Thanh Dat Pham Vietnam 15,900,000
60th Manh Tuog Ha Vietnam 15,900,000
61st Trung Thanh Hoang Vietnam 15,900,000
62nd Minh Khanh Le Vietnam 15,900,000
63rd Panitan Poopadsri Thailand 15,900,000
64th Duy Anh Nguyen Vietnam 13,500,000
65th Hanna Azimai Australia 13,500,000
66th Hong Tu Chiu Vietnam 13,500,000
67th Julien Melet France 13,500,000
68th Quoc Khanh Vu Vietnam 13,500,000
69th Duc Hanh Pham Vietnam 13,500,000
70th Thanh Tung Nguyen Vietnam 13,500,000
71st Maaku Tanaka Japan 13,500,000
72nd Thanh Tung Nguyen Vietnam 13,500,000
73rd Justin Skoulholt USA 13,500,000
74th Dao Ngoc Thang Vietnam 13,500,000



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