Aspiring Twitchers have no excuse not to start now as PokerStars will award one sponsorship deal to a future star of streaming.


The dream of being a sponsored professional is alive and well, especially if you are an aspiring Twitch streamer. PokerStars have announced the 2nd incarnation of their Dare2Stream contest

Last time round the winners got a Platinum Pass, this time the winner will get a one year PokerStars Ambassador contract!

Any PokerStars player who streams their action between October 23 and December 12 will be in contention. At a minimum they will win tournament tickets but one player will win the contract after a panel of judges decide who deserves it the most. 

From Sunday Storm tickets to a PokerStars contract

Anyone who streams for 10 hours a week will win a $55 ticket to a weekly $5,000 guaranteed MTT.  At the end of the promotion anyone who streamed at least 25 hours will win an $11 Sunday Storm Ticket and anyone who streamed for 50 hours gets a $109 Sunday Million ticket. There will also be a ‘Clip of the Week’ contest for the best Twitch clips, the winner of each one will get a $109 Sunday Million ticket where they are a guest bounty.

The winner of the contract will be announced on December 17 by PokerStars streamers Georgina ‘GJReggie’ James and Mason ‘pyefacepoker’ Pye. 

“The fact that the winner of this edition of Dare2Stream will be joining Team PokerStars for a year is truly incredible and an opportunity that should not be missed,” says Pye. “As a streamer who participated in a similar promotion before signing with PokerStars, being on the team has genuinely been a life-changing experience. I’ve had the opportunity to play, travel and work with like-minded individuals both on and off-stream with the same goal in mind to help the growth of Twitch Poker.”

If you are thinking of entering you can do so via the PokerStars Discord channel

Will you be applying? Let us know in the comments:

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