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Chicago: Bally’s, city officials adress traffic and safety concerns on temporary Medinah Temple casino

As the planned transformation of Medinah Temple in downtown Chicago into a temporary casino unfolds, city officials and Bally’s Corp. leaders aim to allay some concerns from residents. Bally’s casino is set to temporarily occupy the historic Medinah Temple before moving to its permanent riverfront location on Chicago Avenue and Halsted Street. The gambling company […]

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City of Niagara Falls has earned $140M in revenue for hosting two casinos since 2013

The City of Niagara Falls has received CAD 186.5 million ($139.7 million) in casino-hosting revenue during the nine years that have passed since it renegotiated its agreement with Ontario Lottery and Gaming. The municipality has allocated CAD 177.6 million ($133 million) towards five council-adopted priority areas, including debt avoidance/capital investment.  For instance, CAD 403,000 ($301.953) […]

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Montana: Great Falls City Commission removes extra landscaping requirements for casinos

On November 1, Montana’s Great Falls City Commission adopted Ordinance 3251, which removes special landscaping requirements for casinos and removes distance separation requirements between casinos and other land uses. Owners now only need to meet the distance separation requirements in State Law. Under the updated code, casinos would be treated the same as any other […]

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